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Our main goal is maintenance and growth of your capital.

Together with our international partners, we are constantly improving techniques to develop mechanisms for effective and comfortable support of business and family assets.

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Our own and partner offices are already operating in the European Union.

This allows you to quickly and efficiently provide specialized services for individuals and legal entities anywhere in the world.

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«Stichting Vanco Holding»

Due Diligence and advice to customer base of leading world banks such as: Edmond de Rothschild, Barclays Bank, Barclays Wealth Management London, Falcon Private Bank, Société Générale, Bank, J. Safra Sarasin (Gibraltar) Ltd London Branch, etc.

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About us

We work to enhance the preservation of your business or family’s assets.

Legislation in the field of taxation, finance, and the banking sectors is constantly being improved and tightened, resulting in offshore banking.

We are constantly monitoring these trends and inform our customers about them.

Experts and partners of «Stichting Vanco Holding» have offered a new tool in accordance with the requirements of international legislation and regulatory policies at full legalization and transparency of Participant’s assets as an individual.

Financial flows of the business or family assets will “live and work” in the first place in Europe – a stronghold of stability and reliability, and at the same time will be served by progressive European financial institutions.

Our team

The company «Stichting Vanco Holding» has the best specialists in finance and international law fields. We are consulted by the experts of the leading financial companies of the highest category, such as, Edmond de Rothschild, and others.

Since 2010 our specialists have predicted the collapse of the offshore processes and mechanisms were active in the development and design of new products, legal and financial models.

Today, we confidently offer a variety of options of absolutely legitimate and legal problem solving with the constant improvement of the international law and the tax base.


"I have been working in the investment market for a long time, I took a lot of trainings, participated in a number of international conferences. However, the company «Stichting Vanco Holding», its experts were first who showed me right, absolutely legitimate and the minimum cost way of capital increase. This is the right way and I advise everyone to follow this way."


Private investor

"I have always wanted to avoid keeping my assets in banks of unreliable country, the citizen of which I am, but in the Old World. «Stichting Vanco Holding» has given me such a chance, I was pleasantly surprised with its flexibility, customer-orientation and just kind human attitude."



"Frankly speaking, at first I did not believe absolutely legal scheme really exists. Nevertheless, it is. I can imagine how much work and efforts the specialists «Stichting Vanco Holding» have invested in the creation of this system, and I appreciate their work. These are people I am ready to work with."



"I think this is a breakthrough and a new word in financial mechanisms and strategies. This is what I recommend to all my clients from different countries. I believe that this is the cheapest and the most advanced mechanisms that can help specifically in your financial problems. And they are the future."


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