I think this is a breakthrough and a new word in financial mechanisms and strategies. This is what I recommend to all my clients from different countries. I believe that this is the cheapest and the most advanced mechanisms that can help specifically in your financial problems. And they are the future.

Investment expert

Frankly speaking, at first I did not believe absolutely legal scheme really exists. Nevertheless, it is. I can imagine how much work and efforts the specialists «Stichting Vanco Holding» have invested in the creation of this system, and I appreciate their work. These are people I am ready to work with.


I have always wanted to avoid keeping my assets in banks of unreliable country, the citizen of which I am, but in the Old World. «Stichting Vanco Holding» has given me such a chance, I was pleasantly surprised with its flexibility, customer-orientation and just kind human attitude.


I have been working in the investment market for a long time, I took a lot of trainings, participated in a number of international conferences. However, the company «Stichting Vanco Holding», its experts were first who showed me right, absolutely legitimate and the minimum cost way of capital increase. This is the right way and I advise everyone to follow this way.

Private investor